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Summer Days!

Summer has always been my favorite of the seasons!  One of my favorite summer activities is going to the beach. Olivia and I had a great beach day with Grammy a couple of weeks ago, and plan to return tonight for fireworks on the beach! 

Yesterday we had fun doing some beach themed activities. We started with a book called Hello Beach, which has very repetitive text, and allowed Olivia to feel like she was really reading. 

Next, Olivia used paint dots to decorate a beach ball. I just Googled “beach ball coloring page” and printed it on cardstock. I asked Olivia to paint each section of the ball a different color. She did a great job keeping the sections separate. Once she was done, she cut out the beach ball so that we could hang it on the wall. 

Our last activity was the one that I found to be the most fun! I used a beach ball that Olivia had gotten at a birthday party, and wrote different directions or questions on each section. We tossed the ball back and forth to each other and had to respond to the statement or question that our thumb landed on. Some examples are, “Name 3 things that you love.” “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” and “What is your favorite color?” Olivia had so much fun with this game that she made her daddy play it with her as soon as he got home from work!

When I was still in the classroom teaching, we played similar games using a beach ball with math facts. The students would toss the ball back and forth to each other, and provide solutions to the equations. There are tons of other skills that you could practice using this game. You could have your child identify colors, shapes, words, or give them physical tasks to perform (hop on one foot, do ten jumping jacks, etc.)

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