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(About) 50 Days to Go Until We Meet Our Next Princess 

It feels like I was just announcing the news of the little miracle we are expecting, and now there are less than 50 days until our little princess is due to arrive!  So far, the entire pregnancy has gone very smoothly! Our official due date is August 23rd, and everything is progressing just as it should!  Olivia is very excited to be a big sister, so we thought now would be a good time to start counting down to the due date! 

Since Olivia loves princesses, we made our countdown princess themed. We made a similar countdown before our trip to Disney World, but you could also use this same craft to countdown to other important events in your child’s life!  You could also get creative with different themes based on your child’s interests – Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Super Heros, the possibilities are endless! 

I found the idea for our princess countdown here:

These princess chains were pretty easy to make, and didn’t require too many materials.  Here is a picture of the things that we used.  

The red and green tape were used to make a rose for Aurora. We used three pieces of yellow tape, each folded in half longways, to make Elsa’s braid. We also added a tissue (not pictured), as a cape for Elsa, and made a bow out of red construction paper, for Snow White’s hair. Olivia and I shared the responsibility of cutting out all of the strips of paper since there were so many! 

Here is a picture of our final products! 

We completed these yesterday, and Olivia is already having so much fun taking the rings down. However, she has been so excited about it, that she hasn’t quite gotten the idea that we only take down one ring a day, and keeps asking if she can take another one down.  I love how excited she is to be a big sister, and can’t wait see the two of them together! 💜

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