Preschool Blog

Getting Ready For the Fourth

Recently my nephew, Joey, spent the day with us. Our crafts are always more enjoyable when he is there to join in on the fun!

Today we started getting ready for the Fourth of July by talking about it being America’s birthday, and reading/sing America the Beautiful. The photographs in this book are amazing!

After completing the book, Olivia and Joey made their own patriotic wreaths. Here are the materials that we used:

  • Paper plate with the center cut out 
  • Red and white ribbon 
  • An assortment of red and blue craft supplies (stickers, various types of paper, felt, buttons, Pom poms, etc.)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Tape 

I gave each child a paper plate with the center cut out, and laid out the craft supplies in between them. They had so much fun creating their wreaths, and I found it interesting that they each had different ideas regarding which materials they should use. Except for the stickers, they used Elmer’s glue to attach the items to their wreaths. When they were done, we added a ribbon to the top of the wreath so that we could hang them up. We only had a very thin red ribbon, so I took 3 strands of the ribbon and braided it to make it a bit thicker. Here are their final products! 

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