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Happy birthday, Daddy!

Yesterday we celebrated Jim’s birthday! Olivia was very excited to make the day special for him.  She knows that he is a huge Star Wars fan, and insisted on making a Star Wars themed card for him. 

I found this really fun Star Wars craft on Pinterest.
Included on the link you will find the outline of R2-D2, along with lots of options for buttons. The buttons were perfect for Olivia because she loves to cut things out. She can’t quite cut on a curve yet, but is doing a great job with straight lines. 

After cutting out the pieces, and gluing them to R2-D2’s body, she glued it to a piece of construction paper. I gave her some choices for a message using “R2” like “You R2 awesome.” and she came up with the idea to write “You R2 loved” on her own.  It was a big hit with Jim, and Olivia was so proud of it!  This craft would also be great for Father’s Day!

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