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Let’s Garden!

This weekend, Olivia received a plant during Children’s Time at church, and she has been very diligent about watering it! In fact, I think she asks to water it about 5 times a day! 

Since she has become such a fan of gardening, we did some planting today! Before beginning our planting, we read the book What Does a Garden Need? by Judy Nayer. 

Olivia loved learning how to plant her own garden. Following the book, she was excited to plant some Cosmos seeds that she received for Easter.  The kit came with a disk of soil that required you to add water to it. 

She was amazed at the transformation of the soil, after a few minutes! 

After mixing the soil with a plastic spoon, we scooped it into the container that the kit came with. Her favorite step was planting – and watering – the seeds. We’re excited to see how they look as they grow. 

After planting, we began a ladybug craft, since ladybugs are friends of the garden. For this craft, I cut apart the sections of an egg container. Olivia had fun choosing the colors that she wanted to use to paint her lady bugs. She decided on red, blue, and green. 

She also asked if she could add glitter to her ladybugs, because to Olivia glitter makes every craft better! We made sure to add the glitter before the paint dried so that it would stick. 

Later in the day, after the paint dried, I added pipe cleaner antennae to them. Olivia finished the craft by using a black Sharpee marker to make the ladybugs’ spots and attached their eyes. 

* This craft was inspired by one found here.

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