Preschool Blog

Happy Earth Day! 

I know that it’s important to take care of the Earth everyday, but it’s nice to have a day set aside each year to remind us of that! As Earth Day approached, I realized that I had never really talked to Olivia about recycling or taking care of the environment. So this week, I made a real effort to do that with her, and my goal is to continue to do that throughout the year – and not just wait until Earth Day comes around again next year!  We read the book Why Should I Recycle? to get us started. 

Before beginning today’s craft, I showed her a globe, and talked about how the Earth is made up of land and water. I also showed her that usually, land is shown in green and water in blue. For today’s craft we used the following materials: 

  • Coffee filter
  • Cardstock (or other heavy paper to protect your table)
  • Green and blue paint dots

We began by putting the coffee filter on top of the cardstock. Then I reminded Olivia of how the land and water looked on the globe. She used the green paint dots on the coffee filter and grouped the dots together to make land. She then filled in the white spaces with blue to show the water. 

We didn’t worry about making the land look like the continents. I figured that doing that would take away some of her fun. With an older child, I would challenge them to make their land look like our continents. 

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