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Easy Breezy Easter Eggs

Things have been very hectic lately. With the arrival of beautiful weather, we haven’t been doing as many inside activities. With Easter coming though, I wanted to make some Easter Eggs with Olivia. 

We started by decorating an Easter egg made using construction paper. We went online and found some images of ways that people decorate Easter eggs. From that, Olivia decided that she wanted a colored egg with polka dots. She started her creation using a purple twistable, and colored most of the egg. (In her eyes, she colored the whole thing).  I then brought out the paint dots for the polka dots. Olivia noticed that many of the eggs that we looked at had stripes of polka dots, so she decided to do the same. I thought it was interesting that she chose to make vertical stripes, rather than horizontal ones. 

The possibilities for decorating these paper eggs are endless! In addition to using twistables and paint dots, you could use stickers, other paints, sequins, pom poms, buttons, ribbon, tissue paper … The list goes on and on!  

This weekend we will be dying real eggs! I’ll post the pictures of that activity soon!

Update! Here are some egg dying pictures. 

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