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When Will It Be Spring?

Our weather has been all over the place recently, and we are ready for spring to officially be here! Before doing our craft today, we began with a perfect story When Will It Be Spring? by Catherine Walters. The book tells the story of a cute little bear cub who wonders when spring will arrive so that he can end his winter slumber. 

After reading the story, we did a spring craft and made flower magnets. Here are the materials that we used: 

  • Print out of a flower
  • Craft foam (any color)
  • Sharpee marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft or Elmer’s glue
  • Pom poms (any color)
  • Adhesive magnets cut into 1/2 inch strips. 

Before presenting the craft to Olivia, I had some of the materials prepared. First, I printed an image of a flower that I had found on the internet. I made sure that the center of the flower was about the same size as a Pom Pom.

I then cut out the image and traced it, using a Sharpee marker, onto craft foam. After that, I used the marker to make any missing lines to create the circle center and petals. My last step was to cut out the flowers. I decided to use a variety of colors. 

Now it was time for Olivia to do some work! I asked her to remove the backing of the magnets, and attach them to the backs of the flowers. 

The only other thing that she had to do was glue the Pom poms to the center of the flowers. I would have chosen Pom Pom colors that are different than that of the craft foam, but Olivia likes for things to match!  She did her best to find matching Pom poms for each of the flowers, and luckily didn’t get too upset that we didn’t have any purple Pom poms. 

* If you would like to make this craft, but don’t have time to prepare all of the materials yourself, you can order a DIY Foam Flower Magnet Craft Kit from my Etsy Shop. DIY Foam Flower Magnet Craft Kit

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