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Feeling Lucky!

Once the calendar changed to March, we were excited to get our spring and St. Patrick’s Day decorations out!  We decided that we don’t have enough St. Patrick’s Day decorations though, so today we made our own Rainbow Shamrock Suncatchers. 

Here are the materials that we used:

  • Small pieces of tissue paper in the colors of the rainbow – you could either precut these, or have your child cut them to develop their fine motor skills
  • Print out of a shamrock 
  • Green card stock or construction paper
  • Contact paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Before beginning the activity with Olivia, I made a shamrock frame out of green card stock. To do this step, I used the shamrock print out (that I made by searching for an image of a shamrock online). I traced the shamrock onto the card stock. I then made the outline of the frame by drawing a second line all the way around the shamrock that was about a half inch wider than the original shamrock.  Once the drawing of the frame was complete, I was able to cut it out. 

Next came Olivia’s part. I taped a piece of contact paper, sticky side up to the table. Olivia then covered the contact paper with the colorful tissue paper. For this craft, she did some experimenting. She wanted to see what would happen if she blew the tissue paper towards the contact paper. She was excited to see how many pieces of the tissue paper stuck! 

Then she tried taking handfuls of the tissue paper and dropping them onto the contact paper. She decided that this was the fastest way to accomplish the task! 

Once the contact paper was covered in all of the colors of the rainbow, we put on the top layer of contact paper. We then taped the green shamrock frame to it, and cut around the edges. The last step was to add the green ribbon (with tape) for hanging, and display it on our front door. 

* If you would like to make this craft, but don’t have time to prepare all of the materials yourself, you can order a DIY Rainbow Shamrock Suncatcher Craft Kit from my Etsy Shop. DIY Rainbow Shamrock Suncatcher Craft Kit

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