The Itsy Bitsy Garden


Yesterday was the last day of Dental Health Month, so I wanted to share an activity that Olivia and I did together to help her learn about brushing her teeth. This activity took a bit of prep work, but Olivia loved it!

First, I searched online for an image of a smile, and printed two copies. Next, I wrote a different letters on each of the teeth, and laminated the smiles. If you don’t have a laminator, you could use a sheet protector or clear contact paper instead. After that, I used a yellow dry erase marker and colored over each of the teeth. It’s better to do this step right before doing the activity with your child, so that the yellow comes off more easily. 

Before starting the activity with Olivia, we read the Usborne book Going to the Dentist.  

If you are curious about the books that Usborne has to offer, visit  
After reading the story, we talked about the importance of taking care of our teeth, and what would happen if we didn’t. 

After our chat, I took out Olivia’s toothbrush. (I made a sure that she had a fresh one to use that night). She thought it was very funny that we were going to use her toothbrush to do our activity! I showed Olivia the letter filled smiles, and told her that we were going to do some teeth brushing! To decide which tooth to brush first, we used a set of ABC flash cards. I flipped over one card at a time, had Olivia identify the letter and then brush the tooth with the matching letter. Today we only worked on capital letters, but soon we will move on to lowercase letters. If your child is not quite ready for ABCs, you could also draw shapes on the letters, and have them identify and brush those instead. 

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