Preschool Blog

Bonus Hearts!

Olivia had so much fun with her Valentine’s Day craft on Monday, that we decided to do another. While working on it, we discovered that we got a bonus craft out of it! 

The original plan was to cut heart shapes out of coffee filters (we made 3 total),

use markers to color the heart shaped coffee filters,

spray them with a water bottle, 

and then the following day – decorate them with foam hearts. 

We would have been happy with just these finished products, but then something exciting happened! Luckily we had put down white butcher paper before doing this project, because I knew that some of the ink would leak through the coffee filters and I didn’t want it to get on the table. When we removed the coffee filter hearts, we found that the ink from the markers had made additional hearts on the butcher paper!  I cut these hearts out, so that we could use them as additional Valentine’s Day decorations for our house. 

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