Preschool Blog

Mitten Match

Olivia has loved playing “Memory” for quite awhile now. Her memory amazes me because she often finds matches that I forget about. 

Today we played “Memory” using mittens that I had made out of construction paper. I used twistables to make different designs on them. 

You could also use crayons, stamps or stickers. I wouldn’t recommend using markers though because I think it would show through the mittens. 

As I decorated the mittens, I made them look like a right mitten and a left mitten. When we put them out, I laid them all out on the table but told Olivia that the thumbs on the mittens needed to be on opposite sides in order to make a possible match. I was curious to see if she would understand this direction, and she did! 

If your child is a bit younger, you could make the game a bit easier. You could put the left-hand mittens on one side of the table, and the right-hand mittens on the other side of the table.  Then have the child select one mitten from each group to try to make a match. 

Olivia loved the matching game! I think this will be another activity that we will be doing over and over again throughout the winter. 

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