Preschool Blog

Mystery Mitten

Hide and Seek is one of Olivia’s favorite games to play! We often play it by hiding stuffed animals or toys (or candy canes at Christmas time), mostly because it keeps me from having to squeeze myself behind furniture!

Today we played the game a bit differently – with a winter mitten. I began by reading the story The Mitten, by Jan Brett. In this story, many animals climb into a little boy’s mitten. 

I thought this story was perfect since our next activity was for me to hide items in a mitten and have Olivia guess what they were based on how they felt. 

I started by gathering small items that would fit into the mitten when Olivia wasn’t around. I found the perfect storage container to keep them in so that Olivia couldn’t see them – my New Kids on the Block lunch box from 1990 that my dad recently found in their attic. 

I discretely lifted the lid and put one object at a time into the mitten.  

You’ll notice that one of the objects that I chose was a pair of safety scissors. I made sure to put these point side down, so that Olivia was only touching the handle when she reached into the mitten.  You could extend this activity for children who are a little older by putting magnetic letters into the mitten, rather than random objects, and having the child identify the letters by feel. 

Olivia had so much fun guessing what was inside of the mitten. 

I’m sure that we will be playing this game many times throughout the winter.  She’s excited to do the hiding of the objects next time! 

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