Preschool Blog

Snowball Toss

Last week, in preschool, Olivia’s class was working on throwing bean bags.  I thought it would be fun to do an activity today that allowed her to practice these skills at him. 

I found this activity at and Olivia loved it!   First I gathered 6 styrofoam cups, and drew snowmen faces on them using black and orange Sharpee markers.  

Next I found 3 pairs of white socks, and wrapped them tightly so that they looked like snowballs.  We talked about how Olivia and her friends practiced throwing balls at school (and she reminded me that they were bean bags – not balls, and thought is was funny that I could make such a mistake. Haha)  Before arranging the snowmen cups, Olivia did a few practice throws using the same method that they used in school, but this time she did it in her favorite princess dress!

After the practice throws, I set up the snowmen in the shape of a pyramid.  Now for the fun – Olivia loved throwing her snowballs, and knocking over the pyramid of snowmen.  I have to admit, I had fun trying to knock them over, too!

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