Preschool Blog

The Case of the Missing Candy Canes

Olivia loves to look for random objects around the house. She often brings me toys and asks me to hide them, or we will go on hunts for different colors and shapes. 

Today we made our search more festive, and looked for candy canes. I hid 10 candy canes throughout the house, and Olivia used her binoculars to find them.  Can spot the candy cane on the tree?

*She made these binoculars at a friend’s birthday party and uses them all the time. They used packing tape to attach two toilet paper rolls together, and then Olivia used markers to decorate it.

Olivia had trouble finding a couple of the candy canes. When she asked for help, I taught her how to play the “Hot and Cold” game, which she loved!  Eventually, she found all 10 candy canes, and asked me to hide them all again! 

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