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Don’t Fear the Glitter!

Olivia loves all things sparkly, so it’s no surprise that glitter is one of her favorite craft materials. I however, often tended  to avoid using it because of the huge mess it made.  I am happy to say that I no longer fear the use of glitter! 

While on Instagram yesterday, I received an amazing tip from Allienoflashcards.  She recommended using double sided tape, rather than glue, to make your glitter stick. We did this today, and it worked great!! 

Last night, while Olivia was sleeping, I made a tree and star by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing half of the outline for each. 

This morning, I put out a large piece of white paper, so that it would catch all of the glitter.  I was impressed that when Olivia saw that the edges were rolling up, she thought to put books and magnets around the edges to keep the paper down.  After we had that set up, I added lines of double sided tape to the tree. Olivia then chose a different color of glitter for each line, and did a great job shaking the glitter onto the tape! 

Once she was done with the lines, we covered the star with double sided tape, and she added gold glitter. Once Olivia was done adding all of the glitter, I trimmed the extra tape around the tree and star and attached the star to the tree!

Clean up was super simple! I just gathered up the paper that I had put down on the table earlier, which was now full of glitter, and tossed it in the trash. 

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