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Dancing Jingle Bells

As a continuation to yesterday’s explorations with jingle bells and magnets, we made did an experiment causing the bells to dance!  I found this idea at In her post, she showed that if you put jingle bells into a glass jar (we used a mason jar)  and add a can of Sprite, the bells will dance! 

I decided to expand this experiment a bit by putting the jingle bells into two separate mason jars. We filled one of the mason jar with Sprite (any clear soda will work), and the other with water so that Olivia and Joey could see the difference.  They both enjoyed gathering up the bells and putting them into the jars. 
First we made a prediction of what would happen when we added the water. Joey said that he thought the jingle bells would sink, and he was right!

Next, I showed them the can of Sprite and asked them what was inside of the soda. I was hoping they’d say bubbles, but instead Joey told me sugar – also true! When I opened the can, I held it next to each child’s ear so that they could hear the bubbles.  The Modern Preschool site recommended using room temperature soda to avoid condensation on the glass. We made predictions of what we thought would happen when we poured it into the jar with the bells. Both kids thought that the jingle bells would sink again, just like with the water, but instead we saw this!

Unfortunately, our outcome was not as impressive as the one on the Modern Preschool website, but it was still exciting to watch! I’d like to try the experiment again with smaller bells to see if the lighter bells will be better dancers. 

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