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Fun With Jingle Bells

Most kids love to make their own music. I know that Olivia does! Today we had some fun with jingle bells that I picked up at Michael’s.  My nephew, Joey, spent the day with us, and the three of us had a lot of fun exploring the jingle bells! 

At first, I just let Olivia and Joey do their thing. There were plenty for each of them, but they still started gathering their own piles. After they had some free time, I asked if they wanted a magic wand. (a popsicle stick with a magnet attached to one side) The kids were so excited to watch their wand magically pick up the jingle bells.  

We talked about how they could use their wands to collect more jingle bells, and they came up with the idea of making the magnet bigger, so that’s what we did!  (Don’t mind the can of Sprite in the background. That’s for our next project. Make sure to check tomorrow’s post!)

The magnets that we used weren’t very strong, so I’d love to try this again with a stronger magnet.  Here are some other ideas that you could do with the jingle bells and magnets:

  1. Have the child pick bells of specific colors up using the magnets
  2. Challenge them to see how many jingle bells their magnet can hold at once 
  3. Use the magnets with jingle bells as instruments and shake them along to some Christmas music 
  4. Try the activity with different sized jingle bells and see if it affects how they sound 
  5. Sort the jingle bells by color, placing them into bowls of a matching color 

If you have any other ideas, post them in the comments!  Happy jingling! 

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