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Shape Turkey

Just one day until Thanksgiving!  Olivia and I spent the today with my nephew, Joey.  I am thankful that they get along so well, and hope that they are always this close.  I just love watching them play together.  And even more than watching them play, I love to eaves drop on their conversations.  Today I listened, as they played with food from the kitchen set along with other assorted items.  Joey would toss something to Olivia and she would either say, “Wait!  These are not food, you silly.” or “Thank you! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!”  The best part was listening to their giggles – the pure joy that they were experiencing.  The giggles got louder and louder with each round of their game.  I am just so thankful to have them in my life.

We spent part of our day doing “school.”  Joey loves to go into our classroom when he is here.  As much as I love using the classroom with Olivia, it is even more fun when Joey joins us.  Olivia is much more enthusiastic about what we are doing when her buddy is there, and it’s great to see how well they take turns.  One of the questions that I asked them today was, “What holiday will we celebrate tomorrow?”  It was so cute to watch both of them get so excited and shout out their (incorrect) answers.  “Halloween?”  “Christmas?”  I pointed to the nearby picture of a turkey on our calendar and both of them quickly changed their answers to “Thanksgiving!”

After reading a book about Thanksgiving, Joey and Olivia each made their own turkeys from various shapes.  Here are the materials that we used:


  • brown construction paper for the head and body, cut into squares and circles
  • white paper for the eyes, cut into squares
  • black construction paper for the inside of the eyes, cut into smaller squares
  • googly eyes (instead of using circle shaped paper)
  • orange construction paper cut into triangles and diamonds for the beaks and feet
  • multi-colored construction paper cut into trapezoids, ovals and hearts for the wings
  • gluestick


First, the kids chose either a big square or circle for the body, and a small square or circle for the head.  Joey chose the squares and Olivia chose the circles.


Next, they chose the eyes that they wanted to use.  Joey stuck with the squares, while Olivia chose circle shaped googly eyes (and insisted that they be pink and two different sizes).

After that, they added the beaks and feet.  Joey used triangles for his beak and feet.  Olivia chose the diamond for the beak, but folded it in half.  (We have done this before with other crafts).  The last step was to add the wings.  Joey chose trapezoids, and Olivia chose hearts.  Both turkeys looked really cute when they were done!


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