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What’s Meant To Be, Will Be!

We have had a lot of coincidences occur within our adoption process.  I like to believe that they are more than just coincidences, but rather interventions from God to remind us to put our faith in Him, and not give up.  2 of these instances took place just within the last week and a half!

Last Saturday, I attended a vendor/craft fair at our church to sell our necklaces.  Just by chance, I was assigned the table next to the founder of a local organization that provides a support system for adoptive families and prospective adoptive families.  Recently I had been feeling a bit frustrated by the process, wondering if we would ever be matched with a family.  Speaking with her, reminded me why we began this process, and has helped me to once again be excited about bringing a child into our home, rather than defeated by the process.  When I returned home after the vendor fair, we had an email from our agency (who we hadn’t heard from in quite a while), informing us that a family had looked at our profile book that morning, and may want to meet with us sometime in December!  We are trying not to get our hopes ups, and rather praying for the family as they make this very difficult decision.

Another one of these coincidence occurred this morning.  When I was on my way out this morning, I decided to check our mailbox.  Inside I found a check for an adoption grant that we had applied for!!! I was completely shocked, because I really didn’t expect to be selected for any grants, but am so grateful that we were chosen.  Later that morning I went on Facebook and realized that this check, that we did not expect to receive, arrived on World Adoption Day!   Just a coincidence? Maybe.  But I believe there’s more to it than that!

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