Preschool Blog

Happy Birthday, Pepper!

Today we have had a great time celebrating Pepper’s 5th birthday.  Yesterday, Olivia and I made cupcakes, and today we turned them into dogs!  We used yellow cake mix with white frosting, but you could really use any flavors.  For the ears, we used chewy Chips Ahoy.  The chewy version works best, because they are easy to cut when making the dogs ears.  At first, we tried to cut the cookie in half to make the ears, but they were too big.  We ended up using about a third of the cookie for each ear, and it looked much better.  We used chocolate chips for the eyes and nose, and mini chocolate chips for the mouth.  We couldn’t wait for Jim to come home from work, so that we could enjoy them after dinner!


You can’t have a birthday without gifts, so Olivia, Pepper and I went to PetCo to pick out some treats for Pepper.  Olivia had fun filling a bag of goodies for her to eat while we enjoyed our cupcakes.


Choosing a gift was a very difficult decision! Eventually, Olivia and Pepper decided on a blue frisbee and a Poppy (from Trolls) chew toy.


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