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Gobble, Gobble!

Now that Halloween is over, we are ready to move on to Thanksgiving!  Olivia had fun putting away her Halloween books, and taking out the ones for Thanksgiving.  Before doing today’s craft we read, Olivia Talks Turkey.  Olivia loves that she and the main character have the same name!

After finishing the story, we made a cute turkey and talked about what Olivia is thankful for.  Here are the materials that we used:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • A beak and feet cut from orange craft foam (or construction paper)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Small sticky googly eyes
  • 1/3 sheet of yellow, orange and red tissue paper
  • Yellow, orange and red construction paper
  • 2 craft sticks

First Olivia attached the eyes to the toilet paper roll.  Next, I glued the feet to the bottom of the toilet paper roll.  We also added tape to make the feet a bit more secure.  After that, Olivia glued the beak onto the toilet paper roll.  Once that step was done, I folded the tissue paper accordion style, and had Olivia help me pull the sheets apart.  We only pulled apart the tissue paper on the top half of the “accordion.”



I had Olivia stick the tissue paper into the toilet paper roll, and I secured it with a stapler.



To make the feathers, I folded red, yellow and orange construction paper long ways (like a hot dog bun, as I used to tell my first graders), and cut out a feather shape.  We often talk about the things and people that we are thankful for, so Olivia didn’t have any trouble at all coming up with something different to write on each of the feathers.


When we tried to attach the feathers to the turkey’s body, they kept flopping over on us.  To fix that problem. we attached crafts sticks horizontally to the backs of the feathers.  We then used a stapler to attach the feathers to the body.  Olivia was very excited about the way the turkey turned out!


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