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Trunk or Treat!

Every year the “Trunk or Treats” in our area get bigger and bigger! Today we participated in one at our church that had hundreds of people attend! The car decorations were awesome. There were Mickey Mouse Clubhouses, Ariel and her Under the Sea home, a slumber party, Arendelle and so much more!

On one of our trips to Party City, Olivia decided that she wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. So, over the past month, we got to work transforming our trunk into Oz.

We started with the scarecrow, tin man and lion. These were all things that Olivia could help with. Here are the materials for the scarecrow:
– paper plate
– brown crayon
– 2 buttons for eyes
– orange construction paper for the nose
– black marker for the mouth
– construction paper (any color) for the hat and patches
– yellow construction paper for the hay
– glue stick
– Elmer’s glue
– tape

First, I folded a piece of construction paper in half and traced Olivia’s hand onto it. Then I cut it out to make the hay. (This made two hands since I had folded the paper). Next, Olivia colored the paper plate brown. While she colored, I cut out a hat, some patches for the hat and a triangle nose. Once she finished coloring, she did the gluing. She glued the hands (the hay) to the bottom of the hat, and added two patches to the hat. We used tape to attach the hat to the paper plate. Next, she used Elmer’s glue to glue on the buttons as eyes and a glue stick to attach the triangle nose. Last, she used a black marker to make the scarecrow’s mouth. She also wanted to add some black to the patches, so she did that, too!

Next up, the tin man!  Here are the materials that we used to make him:
– paper plate
– gray crayon
– small googly eyes
– white cardstock
– tin foil
– black marker
– tape
– Elmer’s glue

First, I trimmed the ridged part off of the paper plate. Next, Olivia colored the plate gray. While she did that, I cut a triangle out of the cardstock, and she helped me cover it in tin foil. We used a piece of tape to keep the tin foil from falling off of the triangle. This triangle became the tin man’s hat. After that, we used tape to attach the hat to the face. Lastly, she attached the eyes with Elmer’s glue, I drew the nose and she drew the mouth. (Both with black marker).

Only one guy left! The last character that Olivia worked on was the lion. Here are the materials that we used:
– a paper plate
– an orange and a yellow crayon
– scissors
– big googly eyes
– black triangle cut from construction paper for the nose
– black marker
– Elmer’s glue
– glue stick

First, Olivia colored the inside of the paper plate yellow, and the outside orange. Next, I helped her to cut slits all around the paper plate to make the lion’s mane. (I took over about halfway through because her little hand was too tired). After that she glued on the eyes with Elmer’s glue and the nose with a glue stick. Last, she drew the lion’s mouth using a black marker.

Those were the only pieces that Olivia helped with. The rest was done by me after Olivia went to bed. (This took many nights!)

The next project was the yellow brick road. Here’s the materials that I used:
– yellow disposable table cloth
– black electrical tape
– yard stick

First I folded the table cloth in half (longways). I tried to be exact in my measurements and used a pencil to mark off these measurements. This did not work! It took forever, and the table cloth kept moving and the lines were crooked anyways. I found that it worked much better if I laid the yard stick next to the table cloth and did my best to make the straight horizontal lines about 4 inches apart down the entire “road.”  Once the horizontal lines were complete, I used the  tape to complete the bricks in the road. I didn’t use any measurements for this part. I just put the tape where I thought it looked best!

After the road was complete, I was ready to make the poppies. Here are the materials for the poppies:
– red tissue paper
– green pipe cleaners
– scissors
– empty 12 pack of sofa box
– green wrapping paper or roll of white craft paper and green disposable table cloth
– drill

I used this video as my tutorial for making the flowers. It was really helpful! Tissue paper flowers video Instead of using string, I used green pipe cleaners instead. I used the soda boxes as planters. I couldn’t find green wrapping paper so I used a roll of white craft paper and a green disposable table cloth instead. (You need the white paper because you can see the soda box through the table cloth.) I just wrapped the box like you would wrap a present. The last step was to drill 3 holes into the box, and stick the pipe cleaners through the holes.


One last thing… I used a piece of posterboard to make a sign that said “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” I made a yellow brick border around the posterboard using yellow and black markers and attached Olivia’s scarecrow, tin man and lion to the bottom of the sign. Here is everything put together!

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