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Yes – Adoption is a Big Deal

Back in April we had attended a conference about adoption, and I had left that day feeling a bit frustrated.  It seemed that adoption was being shown in such a negative light.  At the time I wondered if people were being a bit over dramatic, or that a few people were speaking for many.  In the time since then, I have had an opportunity to do additional research, and attended an extremely informative webinar this evening.  From this extra research, I have learned that the emotional piece behind adoption is a much bigger deal than I had previously anticipated.

Looking back, I think that I may have been a bit naive in how I had originally looked at the emotional piece of adoption.  I knew that issues would arise throughout the lives of a person who was adoptive.  I did not, however, realize that this topic is one that people were burdened by every day of their lives.  I still wonder if this is the case for all people who are adopted – regardless of the age at which they were adopted.

What I enjoyed most about tonight’s webinar, was the amount of input that the presenters had from adoptees, rather than just therapists and adoptive parents.  It was eye opening to hear the thoughts and emotions of people who have lived their lives as a child with adoptive parents.  In hearing what they had to say, some of the children and adults seemed to have handled the loss of their birth families more positively than others.  I guess these variations make sense since people, in general, often handle the same situation in different ways.

The webinar was also helpful, in that they discussed many scenarios, and how to help your child navigate through them.  The presenter also provided her email address, so that we could contact her, should we have any more specific questions.  I still feel overwhelmed by the process, but know that even though we may have many challenges ahead of us, we still want to follow this path to grow our family.

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