Preschool Blog

Nature Walk and Some Festive Fall Fun!

We love to take our dog, Pepper, for her nightly walks.  Last night Olivia had even more fun, because she was collecting leaves along the way.  It was actually her idea to turn these leaves into a craft, so we went with it!  I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to give Olivia a chance for more free exploration with her crafts, rather than me giving her step by step directions all of the time.  (I also think that the step by step directions are important, because it helps her to develop her ability to follow directions.)  I brought out Olivia’s magnifying glass so that she could really look at her leaves.  Today she used these leaves to make works of art using paint and glitter.  Olivia loved using different tools to put the paint onto the leaves including sponge brushes, Q-tips, and her hands.


We decided to make this craft outside, since I knew it would get a bit messy!  We put some newspaper down on the driveway, although it wasn’t quite enough.  Our driveway now has beautiful speckles on it!  After she finished painting her leaves, Olivia spotted our pumpkin and just had to paint that, too!  It is now on display in our front yard!



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