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Fire Safety Fun

It’s Fire Safety Week so we took the opportunity to go over some fire safety tips.  We had never really talked about fire safety with Olivia because I didn’t want to scare her, but it’s really so important.  Olivia now attends preschool so in addition to talking about fire safety at home, we also talked about what to do at school during a fire drill.  We read Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill, by Jamie Harper.  It was a great introduction for Olivia.  In the book, they talked about the Stop, Drop, and Roll method.  Olivia loved trying this out – and loved watching me give it a try even more.


After practicing the stop, drop and roll method, Olivia made a cute fire dog.  Here are the materials that we used to make the fire dog:
img_6041– Paper plate
– Big googly eyes
– Triangle cut out of blank construction paper
– Black paint
– Cotton ball attached to a clothespin
– Black marker
– Ears cut out of white cardstock
– Hat cut out of red construction paper
– Badge cut out of construction paper
– Glue stick


First, Olivia glued the googly eyes and triangle nose to the paper plate.  She then used a black marker to make a mouth.  Next, she dipped the cotton ball into the paint to make dot all over the back of the paper plate, and the ears. After that, she glued the badge (Olivia wanted a green badge) onto the construction paper hat, and we wrote a number 3 on it since she’s 3 years old.  After the paint dried, we used a glue stick to attach the ears to the hat, and then the hat to the face.


Now I’m hoping that Olivia won’t be afraid when the firefighters bring the truck to preschool!  I guess we will see!

Fire Safety Fun

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