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Fun On the Farm

One of my favorite things about living in this area is going to the county fair!  Last year’s visit was a bust.  We hit a lot of traffic going in, and Olivia had a major meltdown as soon as we started walking around.  This year was much more successful!  We started with the rides – Olivia loved the Tilt-a-Whirl – and then we moved on to the animals.

I thought it would be fun to stick with this theme when we did our project for today.  The result was a very cute sheep!  Before making the sheep, we read the book The Perfect Day by Abigal Pizer.

img_5137Here are the materials that we used to make the sheep.

  • Construction paper, with an oval cut out of the center (to be used as a stencil
  • Clothespin and pom pom
  • Blue construction paper (for the background)
  • Black construction paper cut into 4 rectangles, the sheep’s head, and the sheep’s tail
  • White paint
  • Small googly eyes
  • Tape
  • Gluestick and Elmer’s glue

img_5138img_5142First, I taped the stencil to the blue paper.  Then I attached the pom pom to clothespin and had Olivia use it to paint the body of the sheep.  I showed her how to making a dotting motion with the pom pom to make it look like the sheep’s wool.  Then I removed the stencil, and Olivia glued on the rest of the body parts. She was really excited about how it turned out.


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