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Prayers For Chase

img_5083Today’s activity wasn’t Mommy-led, and sometimes the best activities are the ones that the children come up with on their own.  We are very sad to share that our dog, Chase, lost his battle with cancer about a week and a half ago.  We are all having a difficult time adjusting to life without him.  Although Olivia doesn’t seem to be too sad about the loss, she does talk about Chase many times throughout the day.

We were in Olivia’s playroom today, and she asked if she could have her prayer journal.  She had made this journal during VBS.  During that week, the kids had time each day to draw their prayers into the journal.  Today, without any prompting, Olivia wanted to draw Chase in her journal.

The amount of effort that she put into her drawing was so sweet.  She asked me the color of his eyes, nose, and legs before drawing anything.  Then ask she drew, she labeled all of the parts.  “Here are Chase’s eyes.  Here’s his nose.  Here’s his lump.”  I thought it was so interesting (and sad) that she thought the draw his lump (his tumor).  She knew that it was his lump that was making him sick, and that the lump was the reason that he is now in heaven.  In her eyes, that lump had become such a part of him, that she felt that she couldn’t draw him without it.

I’m so happy that they made these journals during VBS.  It’s not something that I would have thought to do on my own, and I feel like it will really play a part in her healing process.

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