Preschool Blog

Copy Cat Sailboat

img_5069 img_5070Today we had some fun with shapes!  Olivia and I each made our own sailboats using 3 triangles, a rectangle, and a trapezoid.  I had precut all these materials ahead of time so that we could get right to the gluing.  Before doing any gluing, we talked about the shapes and tried to find different objects in the room that matched those shapes.  Then we picked up one shape at a time, and made a sailboat out of them.  I guided this activity by making my own sailboat.  Olivia worked step by step with me and glued on her pieces in an attempt to make a matching sailboat.  I think she did a great job!  I plan to do a similar activity soon, but instead of guiding her step by step, I will provide her with the shapes and see what she decides do with them.

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