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Finally – A Trip to the Beach!

img_4880We finally made it to the beach!  It seemed as if every time we planned a trip, it would rain and we would have to cancel.  Not today!  We had a perfect beach day!  It was a bit overcast, which kept it from getting too hot, and there was a perfect breeze.  
Olivia loved everything about the trip.  She spent a lot of time in the sand, and even more time in the water.  I was surprised that she was not a bit afraid of the waves.  We only went it up to our ankles, but she was still sitting down and splashing in it.  It took two baths to get all of the sand out of her hair, but I think that we finally did it.  
One of the things that Olivia really enjoyed at the beach was watching the seagulls, so today we made our very own out of paper plates.  This craft took very few materials.  Here are the supplies that we used:

  • Pimg_4887aper plate
  • Gray crayons
  • Orange Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

First I folded the paper plate, and cut it to make the head and wings of the seagull.  Then I had Olivia color the seagull gray, so that it became a combination of gray and white.  She gave the seagull two gray eyes.  After that, we cut a beak, and two feet out of the orange construction paper.  Olivia had fun gluing the beak onto the seagull.  We had to use tape for the feet, because the glue wouldn’t stick the ridged side of the paper plate.

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