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Swimming Over to VBS

Last week Olivia had her first VBS (Vacation Bible School) experience.  She loved it!! She has never been in a school setting with other children before, and I was really impressed at how she handled it.  I volunteered to shadow her group, so I was able to really see her interactions with the other children.  I was so proud of her for sitting with the other kids in her group, and not clinging to me the whole time.  It made me a lot less nervous about sending her to preschool in the fall.

As part of my VBS assignment, I volunteered to help make some of the decorations.  Olivia had fun helping me make jelly fish that we could hang up around the church.  Here are the materials that we used:

  • Clear shower cap
  • Iridescent wrapping paper
  • Shiny ribbon (We used a couple different colors)
  • Stapler

First I cup the wrapping paper into 15” strips.  Olivia helped me cut the ribbons into 24” pieces.  I held them out, and showed her where to cut.  She is starting to get the hang of using scissors.  We cut 6 pieces of ribbon for each jelly fish, and these became their tentacles.  Next, Olivia shoved the wrapping paper into the shower cap.  I helped her to stretch it out so that the whole shower cap had a shiny look to it.  Finally, we stapled the tentacles to the shower cap.  Olivia was able to choose the colors for these, and told me where to put them, but I did the stapling.  The jelly fish turned out great, and the kids loved seeing them hanging from the ceilings throughout the church.

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