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Happy Housewarming, Uncle Dave!

My brother recently moved into his new home.  We’re very excited for him, but also a bit sad that it is an hour and twenty minutes from our house.  It’s a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, and I know that he and his family will be very happy there!

Today we celebrated Dave’s new home with a housewarming party.  Olivia and I wanted to make something special for him, that he could use in his house.  Since Dave is a pastor, we decided to make him a magnetic cross that he can put right on his refrigerator.  This craft was pretty easy, but needed a lot of Mommy help since we were using a hot glue gun.  img_4661 img_4662Here are the materials that we used:

  • 1 small craft stick – I found colored ones at the dollar store
  • 1 regular sized craft stick
  • Marker – same color as the small craft stick
  • A variety of buttons
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Adhesive magnet strip

Our first job was to use a marker to color the regular sized craft stick the same color as the small craft stick. Next, we used the hot glue gun to glue the two sticks together in the shape of a cross.  After that, we glued the buttons onto the cross.  Olivia chose the buttons and told me where to put them, but I did the gluing since the hot glue would come through the holes of the buttons and burn her little fingers.  Finally, I took off the paper on the adhesive magnet strip, and had Olivia attach it to the back of the cross.

Dave really seemed to like the craft. He just adores Olivia, so I know that having the cross on his refrigerator will make him smile as he thinks of her, even though he is so far away.

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