Preschool Blog

Driveway Art

chalkOne of our favorite outdoor activities is making chalk drawings on our driveway.  Today, we made some chalk drawings, and also had fun with another type of driveway art – painting.  We went to a friend’s house, where we were introduced to driveway painting.  Olivia and her friends loved using their paint brushes and paints to create designs all across the driveway.  They also had fun adding water to their chalk drawings and watching the colors spread.  To make the paint, my friend used a combination of corn starch, water, and food coloring to make the paint.  She used a muffin tin to separate the colors.  The designs looked great, however it was very difficult to get the paint off of the driveway.  I later found another recipe online that said that if you added a bit of dish detergent to the paint, it would be easier to clean.  We will definitely try adding this step next time, and see if it works!

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