Preschool Blog

Flittery, Fluttery Butterflies

img_4183  img_3993We have been having so much fun watching our caterpillars form their chrysalises, and are excited to see the butterflies emerge!  Today we did another butterfly craft in anticipation of meeting our butterflies.  I was babysitting for my nephew, so he was able to join in on the fun.

Here are the materials that we used:

  • 1 small paper plates, cut in half
  • dot markers
  • Elmer’s glue
  • tape
  • pipe cleaner
  • large popsicle stick
  • markers
  • scissorsimg_4184

First I cut a small “v” out of the paper plate halves to make wings.  Then I had the kids decorate the backs of the paper plates with the dot makers.  Next, they drew a face onto the popsicle stick.  After the paper plates dried, we used Elmer’s glue to attach the popsicle sticks in between the paper plates. Finally, we cut the pipe cleaners to make antennae, and attached them to the popsicle stick with tape.


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