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The Caterpillars are Here!

Olivia’s caterpillars have arrived!  She was so excited to find them in the mail yesterday.  We opened them up right away.  Her first reaction was that it smelled yucky.  I told her that it was the caterpillars’ food that she was smelling.  We took out her magnifying glass, and I had so much fun explaining everything that was in the cup.  The caterpillar to butterfly unit was one of my favorite things to teach when I was teaching first grade.

img_3852Here are some of the facts that I shared with Olivia:
– The orange “stuff” at the bottom is the caterpillars’ food.  It is called mallow.  I showed her a picture of what a mallow plant looks like, and we were even able to watch one of the caterpillars eating.
– The caterpillars have spots on their backs.  These are called spiracles.  The spiracles help them to breathe.
– The caterpillars look like they have spikes on them.  These are called bristles, and help to keep them safe from predators.
– There is silk inside of the cup, which looks like a spider’s web.  The caterpillars make this silk to help them attach their chrysalis, when the time is right.

I’m really excited to watch all of the stages with Olivia!  We currently have 4 live caterpillars, and I’m hoping that they will all make it through the entire process.

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