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Flag Day

flag-day-1 flag-day-2Since Memorial Day, Olivia has been pointing out people who are wearing red, white, and blue and telling me that they are wearing “USA.”  It’s quite cute, and I’m excited that she did get something out of our chats that occurred around Memorial Day.

Today we made another patriotic decoration.  Here are the materials we used:
– White paper (We used 2 sheets of computer paper that I taped together, but large construction paper would work even better)
– Red paint dots
– Blue Streamers
– Red Ribbon
– Tape (We used packing tape because of its width)

First Olivia painted dots all over the white paper.  Older children could make these dots in a straight line.  You could make pencil lines across the paper to help them keep their lines straight.  After the paint dots dried, we taped long blue streamers around the bottom edge of the white paper.  Next, we taped the two sides of the white paper together making a windsock.  To complete the windsock, we tape a piece of red ribbon to the top, so that we can hang it up.

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