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My Baby is Almost 3!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Instead of sharing a child activity or craft, I wanted to share with you the fun things that we did for Olivia’s 3rd birthday party.  Olivia wasn’t ready for a party with her friends yet.  (She’s a bit shy, and said she didn’t want one so I certainly wasn’t going to force it.)  Instead we just had family over.  

Olivia is very passionate about princesses.  You cannot walk into a room in our house without finding at least one!  For her party this year she wanted to have a princess party.  I had a lot of fun creating (with the help of Pinterest) some princess themed foods.  Here’s a list of the different foods.  You can view pictures at the bottom of this post.  
Rapunzel’s Braids (Braided Pretzels)
Chip’s Chips (Potato Chips)
Snow White’s Cinnamon Apple Sticks
Ariel’s Goldfish
Gus Gus’ Cheese and Crackers
Aurora’s Berries
Tiana’s Frog Legs (Chicken Fingers)
Ariel’s Shells and Cheese
Ariel’s Stuffed Shells
We Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches
Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Pizza (I used small Pillsbury biscuits for the crust)
Cinderella’s Pumpkin Muffins
Ariel’s Thingamapops (Check out
Princess Cupcakes
Tiana’s Beignets
A Princess Cake
Wishing Well Water
Princess Pop

You can email me at if you would like me to send you any of the labels that I created.

We a couple of games during the party.  Pin the Nose on Olaf, and hot apple (basically Hot Potato but with an apple).  I wasn’t able to find a Pin the Nose on Olaf game that I liked, so I used Olivia’s roll of craft paper, and drew my own.  I printed carrots that I found Google images.  For Hot Apple, we didn’t make any one leave the game when they became stuck with the apple.  Instead, they had to pretend to fall asleep and the birthday girl would wake them up with a True Love’s Kiss (a Hershey’s Kiss).  Here is a link to the site where I found this idea.

img_3226 img_3227 img_3228 img_3230 img_3231 img_3232 img_3233 img_3234 img_3235 img_3236 img_3237 img_3238 img_3239 img_3240 img_3241 img_3242 img_3243 img_3244 img_3245 olaf-2 pretzels


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