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Thank You, Miss Julie!

more-weather ballet-2 img_3280It’s hard to believe but our “Mommy and Me” ballet class is about to come to an end.  Olivia and I have both loved going to class every Wednesday morning to dance with her teacher Miss Julie.  We began the class in February of last year when Olivia was just 20 months old.  It has been fascinating to watch her abilities, and her love of dance, grow.  

Olivia wanted to make her own thank your card for Miss Julie, so that is what we did!  I found the idea on this site,, but changed the ballerina.  Here are the materials that we used:
- A piece of construction paper (Olivia chose purple)
- A coloring page of a ballerina that I shrunk down to a height of 5 ½ inches
- Crayons
- Glue stick
- Scissors
- A cupcake paper cut in half

First we folded the construction paper in half, and wrote a note inside.  I was surprised at how much Olivia wanted to tell her teacher.  My heart melted when she started with, “I love you.”  After writing the note, Olivia colored the picture of the ballerina.  I then cut the ballerina out, and Olivia glued her to the card.  The final step was gluing on the ballerina’s tu-tu, which was a cupcake paper cut in half.

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