Preschool Blog

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

img_3195-2We are very excited to celebrate Daddy’s birthday! Jim loves the movie Star Wars. (As does every man of his age). I was so excited when I found a craft on Pinterest that was perfect for this occasion! It was a picture of Yoda, and the caption for the picture was “Yoda Best Dad!” https://s-media-

In the original post, she painted the child’s foot to be the base of Yoda.  However, Olivia hates to have paint on her hands or feet so we improvised, and traced her foot onto green construction paper instead. I cut ears out of the construction paper. Olivia glued on the ears, as well as some googly eyes. I then added some accent lines, along with the words “Yoda Best Dad.”  I know that Jim will love it!!

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