The Itsy Bitsy Garden

Hi, Mr. Penguin!

Yesterday we went to the aquarium! Olivia’s favorite part was the penguins. She found a little cove to sit in, and I’m pretty sure she said, “Hi, Mr. Penguin” to every penguin there. She then began to sing to them her version of the “Aaaaaaa” song from The Little Mermaid that Ariel sings when she gives Ursula img_2855her voice. It was adorable!

Today we used her love of the penguins to make a penguin craft. Here are the materials that we used:
– An oval – made from black construction paper
– 2 black construction paper hearts
– 2 small black construction paper circle
– A medium sized white construction paper heart
– 2 white construction paper circles (a little bigger than the black circles)
– 2 small orange hearts
– A small orange triangle
– A small red heart
– Glue stick

penguin-2First, Olivia glued the white heart onto the bottom half of the black oval. She then glued on the penguin’s face using the white and black circles for the eyes, and the triangle for the beak. After that she glued the black hearts (the penguin’s wings) to the back of the oval, and the orange hearts for his feet. The last step was to glue on the red heart since she loved the penguins so much. As we went through each step, I asked Olivia identify the colors and names of all of the shapes. The end result was pretty cute!

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