Preschool Blog · The Itsy Bitsy Garden

Lovable Lady Bugs

img_2565It’s finally time to get out into the garden! Today we read a book about the things a garden needs to grow.  Olivia is not a big fan of creepy crawly critters, but she didn’t mind making today’s lady bug craft.  Here are the materials that we used:
– white paper plate
– red marker or crayon
– black construction paper
– glue stick
– googly eyes
img_2566First, Olivia colored the paper plate red.  She wanted to use both a marker and a red twistable.  After that, I cut out a black semicircle out of construction paper, and asked Olivia to glue two googly eyes onto it.  Olivia then glued it to the top of the paper plate.  I used the leftover black construction paper to make circles for the lady bug’s spots.  I happened to have a 1 inch hole punch, that worked perfectly!  Olivia glued the dots onto the paper plate to give the lady bugs spots.  A black paint dot marker would also work well for this step.  For older children, you could turn this craft into a lesson on symmetry.

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