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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies! I’ve had so much fun watching Olivia by sneaky with her daddy to make me a special craft. I can’t wait to see what it is!

img_2479Olivia and I have been working on crafts for her grandmas and her godmother. Whenever I ask Olivia about the crafts that she wants to make, she almost always says flower crafts so that is what we did for our Mother’s Day gifts! Here are the materials that you will need:
– Paint in different colors
– Paper plate for your paint
– Matching Pom poms (they don’t need to match but I thought it added to the fun)
– A clothespin for each paint color
– Card stock
– 2 different colors of construction paper
– Green marker
– Glue stick
– Scissors

img_2481img_2514We started by squirting 5 different colors of paint into the paper plate. Next I clipped a clothespin to each pompom and asked Olivia to identify the colors and match them to the paint. After that, I showed her how to use the pompoms as stamps to make a flower. Olivia painted her flowers onto the cardstock. She used one color for the center of the flower, and a second color to make the petals. (I modeled how to do this step, since it was difficult to explain – especially to a two year old! Olivia made 3 flowers for each gift. For the next part of the craft, I needed to make a flower pot. I drew these onto construction paper. (Olivia chose the color). You could google a flower pot coloring page if you’d rather. The make the pots more fun, I wrote Happy Mother’s Day on the top and had Olivia tell me why loved each person, and I wrote down what she said. You can tell that she’s been watching Cinderella from her message to her godmother! She said that she loved her because she was her fairy godmother even though she didn’t have wings. Haha.

After the flowers dried, I cut them out and had Olivia glue the pot and flowers to another piece of construction paper. (Again, she chose the color). Once the pot and flowers were glued on, Olivia used a green marker to make the stems.
I can’t wait for Olivia to give away these crafts! I think that her grandmas and godmother will love them!

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