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Letter Search

img_2434 img_2441Olivia loves to looks for things in our house.  It started with our Elf on the Shelf, and now continues with just about anything.  One of her favorite things to find are princesses.  I am always amazed at home many she can find (and at how many she has!)  Today we used Duplos so that Olivia could find the letters in her name.  I used a dry erase marker to write a letter on each of the Duplos.  The dry erase marker wipes right off so you don’t have to worry about ruining your blocks. However, because it wipes right off, you have to be careful where you put the blocks so that marker doesn’t end up on your furniture!  We did this activity in our living room, but I think it would be even more fun to do it outside.  Unfortunately it was raining today, but I’m sure that we will do our letter search again.  Here are some other ideas for things that you can write on the Duplos:

  • Shapes
  • Letters (Capitals, lower case, or both)
  • Numbers
  • Sight words
  • Names of family members


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