Adoption Blog

We Passed!!!

We are officially through the home study process!  We had our home visit with the social worker today, and we have been cleared to adopt!  The visit went very well, and our house has never been cleaner!  It was a very casual meeting.  Our social worker just asked for a tour of the house, and asked a few questions along the way to make sure that it is a safe environment for children.  Since we already have a 2 ½ year old, we didn’t really have to do any additional child proofing.  Now for the really exciting part – waiting for our first phone call that our book will be shown to expectant parents.  Our book isn’t completely done yet.  We are still waiting for feedback from the birthparent counselors.  That should occur early this week.  We will then be able to make any changes, and have the books printed.  We were told that if a match comes along before we have our books printed, they will show the expectant parents our draft if we are comfortable with that.  So really, the match can happen at any time!

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