Preschool Blog

Happy Earth Day!

img_2370 img_2583We began our celebration of Earth Day at the library earlier this week.  I brought Olivia to an Earth Day themed story time.  Today we continued our celebration with a book about recycling, a song that I found on Pinterest (, and a craft.  We also took a look at the globe.  I was really surprised at how interested Olivia was in looking at the globe, and talking about people living in all different locations.  After looking at the globe, we make our own picture of the earth using these materials:
– coffee filter
– green marker
– blue marker
– spray bottle with water
Before giving the coffee filter to Olivia, I drew the outlines of some of the continents in green on the filter.  I then asked her to color them green.  She surprised me again by actually coloring in the lines.  I then helped her to color the remaining parts of the coffee filter blue.  The last step was to spray the coffee filter with water so that the colors would run together.  Her little hands were quite strong enough to do this step, so I helped her a bit.  At the end, you could no longer see the shapes of the continents, but I still like the way it turned out!

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