Preschool Blog

A Handful of Flowers

img_2355 img_2356 Olivia isn’t a big fan of getting messy, so we don’t usually do the typical painted handprint crafts.  I still love capturing those adorable little hands though, so I often trace them onto different colored construction paper and use those for our crafts.  Today we made flowers using Olivia’s hands.  Here are the materials that we used:
– construction paper
– scissors
– tissue paper
– Elmer’s glue
– Glue stick
Olivia chose to make a purple flower with a blue center, so we took out a piece of purple construction paper and blue tissue paper.  I traced her hands 4 times onto the purple paper.  Actually, I only traced it once, but folded the paper into quarters so that I would have 4 hands.  Olivia then used a glue stick to glue the hands together in the shaped of a flower.  (You could xalso use painted handprints to make these flowers).  I then cut a img_2357img_2372long strip of tissue paper, and helped her to cut it into little squares.  She the crumbled these squares up, and glued them to the center of the flower using Elmer’s glue.  The final step was to add a stem and leaf.  I cut out the leaf and then held the paper still, and guided Olivia as she cut out the stem.

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