Preschool Blog

April Showers

img_2277 img_2279  So far it has rained every day in April!  We are hoping that this rain will bring us some beautiful May flowers!  To go with all of this rain, we maid umbrellas!  Here is a list of the materials that we used:
– White Paper Plate
– Paint Dots
– 2 Pipe Cleaners
– Scissors
– Tape
Before starting the craft, I cut the paper plate in half so that it was the shape of an umbrella.  Olivia used paint dots to decorate the umbrella, but many other craft items could be used (stickers, markers, sequins, pom poms, etc.)  After Olivia finished decorating, I began twisting the 2 pipe cleaners together, and then taped them to the table.  Olivia then took over the twisting, and did a great job.  I held one pipe cleaner, while she twisted the other around it.  Once the pipe cleaners were twisted to the end, we bended them to look like the hook of an umbrella.  img_2282img_2280We used tape to attach the pipe cleaners to the top part of the umbrella.

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