Adoption Blog

Adoption Meeting #2

Today we met with our social worker to discuss our adoption.  We are so excited that we found this agency, because it is truly a perfect fit for us.  Today’s meeting focused on what we are looking for in our adoption.  We have learned that we need to be honest with ourselves in regards to the type of child that we are comfortable parenting.  We discussed variables such as medical histories, race, and openness within the adoption (will we have contact with the birthparents).  Based on our responses, we were told that we can expect to have a child placed with us within 9-18 months.  We were very excited with this time line, since we had anticipated the process taking longer.  This number is definitely an estimate though.  Since the expectant parents have the opportunity to choose the adoptive parents, the match could happen at any time.  When we were getting ready to leave the meeting, we began discussing our adoption profile.  This profile is a book about our family so that the expectant parents have a chance to learn about us.  Fortunately, I had already attended a webinar on adoption profiles, and have looked at many samples online.  This research had allowed me to create the draft of our profile early in this process, and are already able to submit it to our social worker.  Since we have already done this step, we were able to schedule meeting #3 (our last homestudy meeting at the office) for next Saturday!

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