Preschool Blog

Dreaming Big

img_1976Kids love to tell you what they want.  For Olivia, it’s all about the princesses.  Today we read a story about a Leprechaun who gave away his pot of gold.  Then I asked her what she would do if a Leprechaun gave her a pot of gold.  She, of course, chose Elsa toys.  I find it so sweet that kids her age have no idea of how much things cost.  A few years from now she’d probably choose something big like a new house, a fancy vacation, or a new swing set.  But today, all she wanted were Elsa dolls, and an Elsa dress.
img_1977To continue our conversation, Olivia made her own pot of gold.  I cut the pot out of black construction paper, and wrote what she would do with the gold in white crayon.  Next, Olivia glued white paper to the back of the pot, and then used yellow dot paint to make the gold coins.

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