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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

img_1846Instead of making a cake for Dr. Seuss, we made him some green egg cookies!  These were pretty easy, and tasted way better than they sound!  We just made sugar cookies, put some icing on top, and topped them with a green marshmallow.  We actually made the green marshmallows yesterday because I would afraid they would be too wet, if we made them while we were baking the cookies.  To make our marshmallows green, we put about 12 marshmallows in a bag, and added about 10 drops of green food coloring.  I moved the marshmallows around, using a toothpick to make sure that they were all covered in green without turning my fingers green.  I also made sure that they were on top of one another, so that they would dry.  Here is link to the sugar cookie recipe that I used.  There is a recipe for icing included, but we just mixed powdered sugar and water together for our icing.




img_1845 img_1849  img_1852img_1850

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